Kyooto Cultural Fair

The event happens annually and guess what, i participated this year 2018 at the Uganda museum. The fair attracts multitudes of people in different tribes; different backgrounds and settings across Uganda. The essence of this festival is to bring together different tribes to showcase their uniqueness through dances, songs, cuisines, fashion and other accessories.

Story telling at the fire place

Elderly people and young tell educating stories at the fire place. Here, young women and men are taught proper dress code, communication, presentation and cooking among others in respect to tradition.

Guests were entertained by different cultures i.e. baganda, basoga, banyakole, acholi and bakiga, the list is endless through dance and drama. Different dance moves and songs were portrayed. Everything experienced that day was mesmerizing, the foodstuff, craft work and all.

Ankole village


Kampala City Festival

This is the biggest street party in Uganda which draws multitudes of people (young or old) to Kampala.

Kampala city festival

The festival was initially unveiled by (Kampala Capital City Authority) KCCA in 2013 and takes place  every October to celebrate culture, unity, innovation and social life. The festival exhibits the city as a friendly place to be, cheerful and cultural while attracting great development and more tourist activities.

It favors shopping right from clothes, electronic appliances, food, home essentials, jewelry and many more at affordable prices. Different dishes and drinks are served. Different outfits are sold.                                                                                                                      This is the day one moves without disturbance from moving vehicles, sits in the road without worry. People receive all the kind of entertainment from musicians, comedians, cultural dances and self-entertainment themselves as well. Special arrangements are made for kids as they have special separate places, games and costumes among others.

Handouts are held in various forms like giving out blood and voluntarily buying from the vendors  purposely to support  their well-being.

Here is the only hope for re-union with long time friends alongside meeting and making new friends. All desires are exhausted here.




“Is it her?” Everyone asked. They all couldn’t believe it was me. Maybe it’s because of my size or the way I do my things that everyone did not believe, I have no say but I made it to the top.

At the top of Muhavura mountain

Mountain Muhavura is the third highest mountain in Uganda with 4,127m high and also one of the virunga ranges. Muhavura Mountain provides hiking safaris to people that enjoy facing challenges.

I and my colleagues had a trip for four days to Kisoro. The activities we had involved cultural tours, wildlife safaris and hiking safaris but the most interesting was hiking. A few colleagues rejected climbing and stayed back at the hotel as we the majority rushed for it.

From a distance, we saw Muhavura peak and this is the most gorgeous view I have ever had. Muhavura looked beautiful with the view of the mist and its peak which provides a striking backdrop to this gorgeous scenery.

When we reached the virunga headquarters we were oriented and given two guides on our climb. We were told Muhavura is an 8 hour climb going up and coming down but I believe we used more than that.

At first everything seemed tough for me, my colleagues were running yet I was already tired and breathless. My strength and hope to reach the top were diminishing. But I badly wanted to see the Muhabura Crater Lake.

Guess what? All my colleagues had stopped when I found them as the tour guide showed them an antelope. He also gave them details about it but I didn’t pay attention to him, my target was reaching the top. This was my one opportunity to move before everyone.

We moved again and I was in front. The running boys in no minute started their run again but this mountain is no running platform. After a few runs, they all were exhausted. Smartly at my low pace I went past everyone.

The tour guide had earlier said the first resting place was a 20 minutes’ walk but I bet we used more than an hour. We were very few when we reached the first resting place and by the time others reached too we had gained some energy to move on.

Reaching the second resting place was the longest and toughest. We did not carry foodstuffs. I felt like my stomach was going to drop out and the rocks made walking even harder. I felt dizzy but this was not the point. At this moment we were two, me and Pablo. The tour guide and the rest could not be seen. I kept quiet almost all the way during the climb because I scared of losing my little energy. At some time I felt I was losing out but I called to God and said to myself “Betty you are not giving up.” I and Pablo reached the second resting place but we could not see anyone behind us.

Before us we could see the peak. It was so close. Excited, we did not wait for others and moved on. Muhavura Mountain has got beautiful Afro montane vegetation that can attract anyone. Now this was the shortest but steepest. From a distance we heard our colleagues they had also reached the second resting place. Unfortunately, they stopped there and went back because they got scared of the rain which was threatening to fall. Only one of them Ronald decided to continue climbing.

From a distance we heard the call of his voice as he asked us to wait for him. Pablo asked me to continue climbing as he waited for Ronald since I was so slow and over resting. Pablo always gave me a reason not to give up.

Goodness, at last we reached the top of Muhavura. We were all excited and happy. We forgot how tired we were and dashed to the Crater Lake we were dying to see. The clouds hailed down furiously within a few minutes. I did not mind about the hailstones at first actually I was so happy about them. Anyway had never seen them fall before without rain.         We continued taking snaps of us until we felt the pinch of the hailstones on our bodies. I still laugh at the way we took cover under the vegetation. This was useless and therefore we came out and started running down the mountain. Pablo and Ronald ran really fast. I was left alone with the tour guide who was waiting for us. I felt alone as Pablo and Ronald bid me goodbye. I was so cold and numb. I hoped to reach down and meet my friends. This was like a week’s walk but I got down at last. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see the only girl who had made it to the top and there I was. The experience was tough and marvelous. I felt like a winner. The girls named me Muhavura. After the first camp to the peak Muhavura gives tourists an opportunity of the view of the virunga ranges Mgahinga and Sabinyo in the democratic of Congo. Once on mountain Muhavura, one is already in the three countries of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.


Are you a fun of the wild or you enjoy watching the wild? Queen Elizabeth national park has all the Uganda wildlife safaris for you. Queen Elizabeth is located in the west of Uganda and is blessed with 4|5 of the big five including lions, buffaloes, hippos and elephants.
Queen elizabeth national park has savannah grassland which enables it shelter all the different animals there. It also has the source of Kazinga channel which connects to lake George and Albert. Kazinga channel shelters the acquatic animals like crocdiles and hippos. The channel also provides opportunity to boat cruising, during the drive a participant is given chance to view different bird species and buffaloes along the shore. Monitor lizards can also be traced along the shore.
Game drives are also an activity that can be enjoyed at Queen Elizabeth national park. The game drives are advised in the wee hours of the morning since it provides an opportunity of seeing the early raisers like lions, uganda kobs, elephants and buffaloes among others.
Still in this park one has opportunity to cultural tours because it gives chance to interact with the community people like the bakonjo. the people here demonstrate their daily life. The crafts done by the people are nice to have since they have nice colours.
Visiting the salt mines at Katwe is also a good experience which gives one chance to see salt pans. A person can have as many salt pans as they can handle. The expert there gives you details about how the salt is mined and the requirements. After visiting Katwe, Queen also gives opportunity to other salt lakes like Munyanyange and Nyamunuka. Munyanyange is attractive to bird watchers as it has a large number of flamingoes which make it look georgeous. Nyamunuka which can be seen from a distance during the game drives provides magical looks and is also a healer to wounded animals. Animals like buffaloes which may get injured due to traps or hunting by the local people but escape dip themselves in this lake and get well.
Queen Elizabeth national park offers good accommodation to all kinds of earners thereby ensuring comfort to visitors. The wild safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park melts all your stress away and gives you a smile.


The wetland lies southwest of Uganda along Masaka road. Nabajjuzi wetland is facing destruction by the residents as they carry out their activities like car washing from the swamp, over extraction of materials, hunting and poor waste disposal among others.
This wetland tends to be given little attention despite its immense importance both to human, wildlife and biodiversity.
Nabajjuzi can attract sport fishing since it contains mud fish and lungfish. It has also recorded the sitatunga papyrus antelope, the shoe-bill, grey crowned crane and also two papyrus endemic species including the papyrus yellow warbler and the papyrus Gonolek. All these species in the wetland are potential to attract wildlife safaris.

This wetland is also the sole source of water to the majority of people living in nearby Masaka town.
The people immediate to the wetland are blessed with skills of creating quality handicrafts from the papyrus like mats and baskets which are beautiful to see. These handicrafts can also be purchased in case you want to own one.

This place also attracts village walks as participants visit the residents and their innovations therefore encountering cultural tours in Nabajjuzi wetland.